Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Last Sunday, Jackson and I took a trip to Fort Worth. I haven't been there since Jackson was born.. which is crazy because before then I was there all the time! We went there to visit my mom and her friend, Julie. They were cheerleaders together in College and hadn't seen each other in 30 years! We went to brunch at Blue Mesa and O.M.G. it was so good! Jackson sat and watched as we all devoured our food!
After brunch, we headed out to the Water Gardens. Jackson was so fascinated by the water! I tried getting some pictures of us together, but he wouldn't look up! He was too busy staring at the water. We managed to get one picture together though. His favorite part was in the Quiet Pool area. The walls had water trickling down them and he thought that was amazing! Our trip there did not last long because it was just TOO hot outside. Julie couldn't believe the heat. She thought Florida was hot until she came here!
It was so nice to meet Julie. It was as if I've known her my whole life because she reminded me so much of my mom! I literally met the "Blonde Carolann". We are going down to Florida in July to visit my family so hopefully we will get to see her again! I know Jackson would love to see her :)

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