Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Jackson will be 7 months old tomorrow! How has 7 months already gone by? I remember his arrival as if it were yesterday. We will soon be planning his 1st birthday, ahh! I am absolutely loving my summer time with him right now. He has done so many new things within these few weeks that we've been home. I have a feeling the crawling is about to start because he is rolling all over the place and cannot stay still! I'm already pushing the coffee table out of the living room because he almost rolled right into it the other day. Guess we need to start baby proofing the house! He has his 2 bottom teeth now and has been eating solid foods. We've only given him fruits so far and his favorite is bananas. It seems to be daddy's favorite too.. I have to tell Jack to stop eating it and to feed his son! As much as I've said "Mama" to him, his first word was definitely "Dada!" and he LOVES saying it over and over! It has been so much fun spending time with Jackson. Oh how I wish I could be a stay at home mom!

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  1. Not that it's not obvious...but I just can't seem go get enough of him!! I just love him!!!