Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mother's Day

Unfortunately, Jack had to work on Mother's Day, but I still woke up to a sweet gift left on the kitchen counter. He typed up a very sweet poem, put Jackson's handprints under it, and framed it. Of course the poem brought tears to my eyes! My mom and I attended a very special Mother's Day service at our church. They opened the service with a poem called, Before I Was a Mom. If you are a mom and have not read this, you need to! After church, Jackson and I headed to daddy's station. The fire fighters invited all the wives and kids for a Mother's Day dinner. It was super sweet for them to take time out of their work day for us! I really enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day because I am so blessed and proud to be Jackson's mom.

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  1. I remember when you were pregnant, you were so worried.."what if I don't know how to be a Mom". I told will just know! As soonn as that precious baby boy was placed in your all began! You automatically became a great Mom. I love watching you with Jackson. I see how much love you have for him and you are so full of patience. It's like, you didn't need to be taught a just all became natural to you!

    And what a wonderful Mommy you became!! Jackson Cade is a very lucky little boy to have you as his Mommy!