Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby on the way!!!

Jack and I have been talking about having a baby for a LONG time, but we wanted to wait until after we got married and got settled into our jobs. In the beginning it was very discouraging because nothing was happening. We realized that it wasn't up to us and we put all of our trust into what God had planned for us. Now we are SO happy to say that we are finally expecting our first child!!! I took the pregnancy test while Jack was at work and to my surprise it came back positive. I still did not believe it and I was in total shock so I went to Target to buy more tests. Three tests later... STILL positive! I was beyond excited and could not wait to tell Jack! He didn't get off work for another 3 hours, the LONGEST 3 hours of my life!! The next day was St. Patrick's Day so I wanted to buy a baby St. Patty's Day shirt to surprise Jack with. When I went back to Target, I found a shirt that looked identical to Jack's St. Patrick's Day shirt! Although it was for a "boy" and we obviously don't know what we are having yet, I thought it would be perfect anyway!

Three incredibly long hours later, Jack finally came home! My heart was beating out of my body with excitement! I walked over to my purse and pulled out the shirt. I said, "Look what I got today!" He stared at it and said, "Is it for Max?" Which is our dog who is clearly too big for the shirt! I said, "Nooooo" He looked at me kind of puzzled and I said, "It's for our baby!" At that point, his jaw had dropped to the ground and he came running towards me. He then picked me up and spun me around and probably said "Oh my gosh!" a million times! Of course we had to tell our family that night! Here is a picture of the shirt I bought...

We had our first appointment on April 18th. Our due date will be November 25! We were ecstatic when we got to see our little baby and hear the heart beat! Here is a picture of our precious little "muffin" (Nickname thanks to Juan. He thought the saying was "muffin in the oven" instead of "bun in the oven" :)